barsilo by shaul arazi from israel

designer's own words:

barSilo tm

The purpose of the product is to replace common plastic dispensers and small bowls serviced at bars and restaurants for nuts, tapas and other bar utilities, thus giving emphasis on controlled eating and elegance. The design is influenced by the architectural forms of silos and feeding towers common in rural areas. As I conceive, these forms are icons in the landscape and in a smaller size they can generate a practical product as well as an aesthetic one in the bar/ restaurant environment.
I designed a set of bar apparatus that include a silo dispenser, all purpose dispenser and an ashtray. This set creates a whole environment of elements that compliment each other and can be used for different uses.
The small scaled silo's are designed to contain different products. The way that the consumer relates to the product is the option that he has to pick the nuts either from the top of the dispenser and gather a large quantity of the product or from the feeding chute where the picking is more controlled and reserved. The all purpose dispenser can be use for elements as napkins cigars or coasters. The ashtray is design in a way that it has two sections. The one is for ash and buds and the second is for olive pips and other trash remains.

silo 26h x 20d cm

all_purpose.jpg all purpose 12h x 10d cm

ashtry.jpg ashtray 5h x 25d cm