beautiful housewife

beautiful housewife by marty christèle from france

designer's own words:

“Beautiful Housewife” is an original and an attractive product, similar to products for the bathtub. The ball-shaped, wrapped in net sacs and displayed on store shelves situated between the floor wipe-cloths, sponges and liquid household products. The presentation of the product distances itself from other forms of existing household products.
The sponge is useful for cleaning small surfaces. Situated in the heart of the sponge, the ball dissolves little by little by moistening the sponge. When the product is dissolved in the sponge, the user can extend its use by using the balls separately. The user plunges the ball into the water of the bucket. It dissolves. The user can then dip his floor clothes or his sponge to wash the dirty interior surfaces. This principle facilitates the dosage and implies a new rite of usage.
Sponges are sold in pairs : two colors for two aromas. 16 balls are contained in the net which is 480 ml. 1 ball is a dose of 30 ml. The net is in recyclable material.

beauty house

solvent_ball.jpg solvent ball

magic_sponge.jpg magic sponge