belly by trevor vaugh from ireland

designer's own words:

For recycling to work to its full potential, it is going to have to become a very easy and hassle free task. Like everything, for people to be persuaded to take part in something, it must offer something in return, be-it fun, enjoyment, rewards or benefits.

As an active recycler, I have noticed that when collecting bottles and glass, because of their bulk, it doesn't take long before hundreds are collected, taking up a valuable yard space!

Belly is a glass recycling system, and I believe an answer to the problem. All you have do is pop your glass into it and smash it into tiny, easy to store/manage, space saving pieces!

You might ask, “Where is the fun?” the fun is in the smashing! Destruction is very natural human instinct, erased through our “civilized” modern culture. Belly lets you release your raw appetite for destruction once again, in a safe and satisfying manner.

The benefit? No more huge plies of bottles and glass sitting in your back yard waiting to be brought to the recycling depot.

Belly will come with different coloured inlet holes, so as to distinguish between the different glass types. And last but not least, labels now wash off much easier!

space saving

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