beltchair by pascal schaller from france

designer's own words:

Cushions are great elements and a chair which consists of them, even better!

From almost all sides: back, sides and bottom you have a great pleasure of a seat!
This simple construct enfolds to one’s desire of comfort and ease.

The frame of welded steel holds with the help of the leather belts, strapping from the sides through the loops and under the seat. Hold the cushions in their positions.

You may even expand the armrests for a more lounge effect seating.
The person seated can sit straight and relaxed or than be enveloped into the depths of the cushions to be pampered with.

This chair can be well placed either alone in a room; an escape from the rest or placed together in a sitting arrangement for a meeting or meal.

This structure is quite light: counting only the cushions and frame. The chair can be easily moved to one’s needs.

This object is actually a “must-have” in every home, office or hotel.

One might never leave its walls of comfort.

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