beyond cloud computing – the flying pc

beyond cloud computing – the flying pc by john leung from australia

designer's own words:

In 2020, even the hardware is a PUSH service! This Flying PC follows you like an autonomous robot – so you can forget all about carrying and charging.

It’s light enough to fly using multi-rotor technology because the PC doesn’t have CPU or HDD! These are stored in the Cloud Server Farms then outputs are transmitted to this PC terminal via 5G.

The “Hardware PUSH service” is the next revolution beyond Cloud Computing – here, the PC literally delivers itself to you.

Essentially, you carry 0.0kg and don't need to care about charging.

It's a PC with unlimited HD size & CPU power because they are all in the Cloud.

It's an A.I. personal assistant and a friend, with a mind of its own, that delivers itself to you.

Your everyday activity & imagination will no longer be restricted by external & internal limitations of the hardware.

It's called… the Flying PC.

Flying PC

flyingeng03b.jpg Hardware Push Service

prez02aengb.jpg Beyond Cloud Computing