bikini tour

bikini tour by rafa zaragoza alvaro from spain

designer's own words:

BIKINI TOUR is basically a device composed of two LEDs, one red and one green, that it is design to put in the handlebar of the bikes (or even to integrate them in a new design of bikes). The aim of the LEDs is to lead the way that the user should take: green=turn right // red = turn left

Through a basic computer program download to the mobile phone, linked with the GPS, the user is able to order routes to the device, leading them around the city. There are 2 different modes of use generating routes:

· MODE DERIVE: the user introduce 2 points in the program (start - end) and the time he would like to spend. Then it creates a random route in the GPS, saving it and sending the route orders to the device with the LEDs to lead the user in his way. This provides a new experience to the user, showing him new possibilities to go from the point A to the point B, rediscovering the surrounding area. Inspire of the term Dérive, the Situationist practice of drifting about a geographical space, this lends its name to the mode of action. Suitable for citizens who need new experiences

· MODE TRESURE GAME: referring to the traditional game, this mode takes from it the main principals, providing the user a new form of tourism and a new possibility to know the main points of the city of Seoul. The program takes a predefined route that is saved in the GPS, showing a modulated path (a hidden road) that the user has to discover. In the moment he reaches the place that the map is showing, he receives the new instructions to the next place.

Rediscover the city without right // red = turn left

copy_12_panel_2.jpg You have 2 modes: a)mode derive, ideal for residents. b)mode treasure games, ideals for turists

copy_0_la_mamba_explication.gif explication: So, all that the user needs to start is your own mobile phone: 1. Users rent a bike with the device. 2. He visits the website and downloads the program into the mobile phone. 3. Chooses the mode of use. 4. Just follow the light