Bird Bus stop

Bird Bus stop by noe marcial gonzalez camperi from argentina

designer's own words:

Bird-Bus stop

Concept: The Tree Bird-Bus stop

Each bus stop will have in the roof top a selection of local plants that will provide not only beauty but also home and food for various bird species from the area of Incheon, inviting them to return to the city.

Several biologists say that if a city retains its native vegetation distributed uniformly, they would attract the birds associated with them.

Why a Bus Stop?
Because they are distributed uniformly throughout the city, making them ideal for providing food for the birds.
Because the bus is an efficient public transport that should be encouraged in a sustainable city.

It is a modular system that provides a quick and easy installation without using super expensive materials or processes.

Its components are few and assembled together, without glue, which makes easy its separation for recycling.

At each bus stop there will be information about birds, native plants and the environment. But the most important factor for environmental awareness is the nature itself, to see and hear it.

The bus stop floor is elevated about 15 cm above the sidewalk, making it easier to get on the bus.
Plants in the roof provides excellent thermal insulation.

Imagine waiting for the bus, listen to the songs of different birds mixed with the sound of the leaves, while feeling a fresh breeze scented with flowers. Beautiful, isn’t it?


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