Birdy tea set

Birdy tea set by Hwaseon Lee from korea

designer's own words:

Birdy is a novel tea ware product which helps ease the process of tea preparation such as moving a teakettle and a set of teacups to a table one by one with just once movement. Plates and teacups inside or attached to a teapot form the whole body shape of it, and teacups at the bottom of the inner teakettle are especially intended to get automatically warm when pouring hot water into the teakettle. This automatic warming saves your time from warming teacups with hot water before serving tea, and the rubber cover at the bottom makes it possible to carry Birdy stably. Also the surface pattern tells you the state of the temperature of a teapot and teacups as it gets heat and gives you great pleasure during teatime as well as being decorative.

Birdy tea set 01

copy_0_birdy02.jpg birdy tea set 02

copy_0_birdy03.jpg birdy tea set 03