boox by han li from china

designer's own words:

BOOX is a piece of furniture to store and display books and miscellaneous items.

Simplicity, as the essential quality of the BOOX, is explored in two aspects: affordability and flexibility.

The basic component of the BOOX is box, one of the simplest forms to manufacture. It results in low cost in production and therefore more people can afford it.

Simplicity is further integrated with flexibility by the BOOX’s simple assembling method: free- stacking. It allows everyone to create the BOOX in the way they want. Simplicity generates diversity and playfulness.

I made the first prototype of the BOOX with the cost less than 300 Euros. Every month I will reassemble it by myself. Simplicity creates more possibilities.

simply stacked

copy_734_2.jpg simply rearranged

copy_624_3.jpg simply filled