boxycle by bismo joyodiharjo from indonesia

designer's own words:

main idea : transport & storage.

boxycle has all the benefits and convenience of folding bicycle for urban (& combined public) transport, but with some extra usability :

1. storage space
- boxycle has two compartements and one device (iPod etc) holder
- user can bring (and charge) their notebook and other devices , store ‘clean’ activity clothing while riding, and store ‘sweaty’ riding clothes while working
- It is also possible to charge some electronic devices while riding (with common generator hubs, such as shimano DH-3N71), has some extra safety with lights

2. practicality
- the body can also function as mud guard and added impact safety
- comfort bike type ergonomics with very low stand over top tube
- universal standard wheels, drive train and most of the control parts.
- easy to maneuver due to compact size but not to small so it still has normal riding characteristics
- adjustable seat height and handlebar reach

3. styling
- boxy, retro, friendly.
- form follows function (and fun)

4. producible
- boxycle is simple to produce with current manufacturing and material technology.

hello, my name is boxycle 🙂

copy_0_02boxyclefold.jpg boxycle folded under the desk

copy_0_03boxycleproducable.jpg boxycle is simple and producible