brick a bowl

brick a bowl by spitshuis lidewij from netherlands

designer's own words:

Brick-a-bowls, eat food from the street * * * Brick-a-bowls are inspired by the pattern of the Dutch streets. They are made out of small terracotta bricks that make up the pattern of the pavement. The milled edges resemble skyline.

The bricks are only visible on the inside of the bowls. The outside is smooth and shiny.

Currently the bowls are completely craftwork; they are actually build brick by brick. However, it’s possible to produce them in a more industrial way. By means of fine-meshed gauze with a terracotta brick-pattern on it, (like Bricanion lathing) it is easy to create organic forms. The outside will be filled up, smoothened and covered with lacquer. The inside of the bowls will be pointed to enhance the contrast in the brick pattern.


copy_2_brickabowl_1.jpg from brick to bowl

copy_2_brickabowl_3.jpg brick-a-bowl