bscooter by Goula/Figuera from spain

designer's own words:

Electric scooter specially designed for short trips inspired by the swiss knife. The seat, the handlebars and the footboards are hidden inside the case when the scooter is folded.

The chassis is made from injected (or mechanized) aluminum with a sandblasted and anodized finishing. The small seat (duopower) is made of gel, so it is still comfortable although its small dimensions. The electric engine is “in-wheel” and is at the shaft of the back wheel, it has two lithium batteries on the inside.

image of the scooter completely folded bscooter bscooter ready to ride bscooter exploded image bscooter batteries in red, inwheel engine in green bscooter bscooter folded and unfolded bscooter general dimensions