Bulb Sound Kit

Bulb Sound Kit by Francesco Castiglione Morelli from italy

designer's own words:

Music became portable thanks to mp3 players and especially thanks to Ipod. Outdoor we can listen music with headphones; we can use a mp3 player at home too but we need to connect it with a speaker and with electric power. For these reason all mp3 speakers are quite static. The Bulb Sound Kit allows you to transform every lamp into a speaker. You are free to move because everywhere you can find a lamp (a floor lamp, a desk lamp, a wall lamp) to connect it: you have just to unscrew the bulb lamp and swich on your Ipod: it will send music to the speaker and it will work as a remote control thanks to the Bluetooth transmitter. The bulb is made of transparent plastic. Inside it there are a transformer, the Bluetooth receiver and obviously the speaker.


copy_1_tavola02.jpg way of use