candletime by jim termeer from usa

designer's own words:

I am interested in what happens when you are in a circumstance to waste time. The object is simply a set of candleholders that, depending on which candles are lit, can also display numbers, which in turn could display time. It seems that the only time to waste time nowadays is when we fall off the grid (like an power outage). The candleholder can become a way for someone to keep track of time but simultaneously bend it, play with it, ignore it. (Think of the materials and expense, from cell phones to satellites, we freely use to prevent us from doing just this.)

Materials: Very thin formed gold (or silver) sheet. Making it out of gold guarantees that it will find another life. (about 85% gold used is recycled). Pure beeswax is used as fuel.

candletime2.jpg material: bent very thin gold sheet

candletime3.jpg detail