CART+ by brad smith from usa

designer's own words:

CART+ is a mobile device that serves as both a rolling storage/collection receptacle and a shelter for sleep, rest and protection from the elements. In its "rolling collector" mode, CART+ allows its user to easily store collected cans and other items through covered openings in its top, utilizing the volume of the cart for storage. Trash bags can be placed in the openings much like a typical trash can, to collect items while on the move and to protect the interior "living space" of the cart. CART+ can be converted to a shelter by telescoping volumes that allow for "solo" sleeping/rest space, or a larger space that can accommodate two people if necessary. This allows the user to take on guests and encourages social partnerships and interaction between others in the same situation. Multiple units can also be nested together to provide shelter to several individuals and provide for impromptu rolling communities.

CART+ is constructed out of cheap and durable off-the-shelf parts. The framework is composed of electrical conduit and typical pipe fittings creating a strong, yet lightweight framework. The telescoping volumes are achieved by nesting smaller diameter conduits within a larger size to allow the structure to both nest and project, creating more or less space as needed. The walls of CART+ are made from a waterproof tarp material that can be easily found anywhere. The tarp is looped around the conduit and projects/nests with the structure as required. The sleeping surface of the unit utilizes lightweight plywood which provides a firm base that can be unfolded as the unit is transformed for larger sleeping area.

CART+ is a simple, cheaply made device that can serve the homeless not only as a rolling storage unit, but a simple shelter from the elements.

CART+: Rolling Collector

cart_02.jpg CART+: Transformation

cart_03.jpg CART+: Shelter