cart cycle

cart cycle by jeonguk kim from korea

designer's own words:

This new system enables users to borrow bicycles at the beep of a transportation pass.

Increased accessibility to bicycles due to the borrowing devices installed at the main subway stations in Seoul city will encourage Seoul citizens to become regular users of this new form of public transport.

The bicycles are stored in a row like shopping carts, utilizing storage space in a more efficient way.

Unlike the original system where you have to return the bicycle to the same place where you borrowed it, this new system enables users to return the bicycles to a bicycle rental device at any other location. For example, you can take a bicycle from Hongdae Univ. station and return it at Shinchon station. This will develop the bicycle into a new and more efficient form of public transport.

Also, like any other form of public transport like buses and subways, bicycle users benefit from transfer discount.

Users must first register at the T-money web site in order to use the bicycles. The users will be given a serial number that will be used to track the users and the bicycles, preventing loss of damage of the bicycles.

main concept

copy_4_panel2.gif rental process

copy_4_panel3.gif application