CELEBRATION by tarik hodzic from bosnia-herzegovina

designer's own words:

The visual concept is to create the feeling of joy and celebration, by
combining given elements of LVQR design. My intention was to create
live and playful image to mark the 90th anniversary, which is fresh
and modern. Connecting assigned parts, by using varying intensity and
visual quality of stripes, the idea behind it was to create dynamic
image which will show laughter and good atmosphere. The atmosphere of
anniversary celebration is what I am presenting in my work.


lvqr_002_th.gif CELEBRATION_02

lvqr_003_th.gif CELEBRATION_03

lvqr_001_tshirt_th.gif CELEBRATION_T-shirt/bag_01

lvqr_002_tshirt_th.gif CELEBRATION_T-shirt/bag_02

lvqr_003_tshirt_th.gif CELEBRATION_T-shirt/bag_03