CONNECT by - Bharath from india

designer's own words:

I have always been fascinated with the concept of time and machines/devices that tell time and curious to understand the role of simple devices like clocks, and their significance in the modern times. Following are some questions that were running in my head.

What role do clocks play in our lives when there are so many gadgets around us that tell us time? And why are clocks (most of them at least) so mundane? And in how many ways can one tell time? And can something as simple as a clock invoke curiosity?

CONNECT was born as an attempt to answer these questions.

CONNECT is a unique clock that shows time with just one hand. The hand is a set of beads connected together with elastic strings and is attached to the movement of the clock that is concealed behind the face.

The face of the clock has two circular rings through which the projections for the hour and minute enter (refer image 6). The ends of the hand are connected to these projections. Once connected, figuring out the time is simple (thought it might not seem simple in the beginning ). Locate the position of the hand in each circle with the inner circle representing the minute and the outer circle representing the hour (refer image 5).

The materials for parts include satin finished stainless steel for the face, high gloss plastic (black) for the rim and the beads and nylon for the string. The face can be machine cut and the projections can be fastened to a standard movement. Power source will be regular batteries.

The connect clock
The unconnected hand of the clock
Various times
The clock in a scenario
Basic dimensions and information
Setting it up