cradle to cradle

cradle to cradle by jody boehnert from uk

designer's own words:

No.1. The Biosphere and the Techno-Sphere: Cradle to Cradle ********

It has become increasing obvious that we are facing an environmental crisis; as a response the design model is presently undergoing a profound transformation. One of the most important new ideas leading this transformation is the notion that all design must be modeled after the waste-free systems of the natural world.

The Cradle-to-Cradle methodology holds that there must be two material flows: biological & technical. Design will respect these two separate spheres: the biosphere and the techno-sphere. All organic elements must be designed so they can return to the earth uncontaminated by elements in the techno-sphere. All technical materials must be designed such as they can be reused as new products after their lifecycle is finished. Waste will be eliminated.

///////2. Sacred Earth: Ama-no-Uzume************
It is a universal characteristic of pre-modern cultures to honour the earth as a sacred living entity. My second image references tribal and pre-modern iconography. Though the characters in my graphic are female and male, they refer to one female character in particular; the legendary Japanese exhibitionist sun goddess Ama-no-Uzume. Today, we must recapture the notion of the earth as a sacred living entity.

This graphic represents love at its most integral level. Sentimental platitudes about ‘loving the earth’ during an era of environmental crisis are meaningless and indeed harmful if they distract from the work we must do looking after our earth. At this stage, the only true way to ‘love your earth’ is to become a strong advocate of the systems that will work towards protecting our earth from the dangers she now faces. We must learn to become guardians of the earth; else she will no longer be capable of being such a gracious host.

Cradle to Cradle: Revolution***********
My last image attempts to describe the messages of the first two submissions in a more decorative fashion. It aims to make the transition to a sustainable future seem like an exciting and fulfilling process.

Sacred Earth: Ama-no-Uzume