cuisine à l'eau

cuisine à l'eau by daeron isabelle from france

designer's own words:

Water, necessary to all aspects of life, will soon become a rare element.
"Cuisine à l'eau", is a kitchen designed around the use of water in all its different states.
The kitchen is built in a linear way, layed out in seven parts.
The sink is the central element.
On one side, the draining rack resembles a slanted landscape allowing the water to flow into the herb garden.
On the other side, the work space is made out of several layers of material displayed at different height levels.
The wholes in the stainless steel stove allow the steam to escape.
The water is ideal for healthy cooking.
The ceiling vent suggests the passage between the gas state and the liquid one.

"Cuisine à l'eau" presents a water cycle integrated into your kitchen mixing beauty and praticality.

kitchen view

cuisinealeau2.jpg explanation

cuisinealeau3.jpg details