desert hydrocycle system

desert hydrocycle system by roohollah from iran

designer's own words:

Passive system for gathering subterranean waters in hot & dry areas.

Deserts have the richest and virgin subterranean supplies of water that by utilizing water management methods, besides using the water, these sources could become even richer by seasonal flood via developing deep drain systems.

Using high temperature variations between day and night in hot & dry areas is the core concept of this project to attain subterranean sources.

Hot & dry areas characteristics:
Definitions and traits of hot & dry areas vary according to the different regional categorizations. But based on a general definition, the evaporation rate is more than the precipitation rate in these areas due to the high temperature and harsh drought. Therefore the amount of water evaporated is much more than the precipitation. Because of the water shortage, the vegetation is sparse and dependent upon water sources. Precipitation in these areas is irregular and harsh that most of the times, due to lack of vegetation and drain systems, constitute severe flood.

The main characteristics of dry areas:
1-Precipitation is unpredictable and sparse.
2-The average evaporation rate is more than the annual precipitation.
3-Water is the main cause of agricultural restrictions.
4-Vast changes occur in temperature and air moisture.

1-The wide black system absorbs the solar energy and heats the air within. The hot air expands and flows down through the pipes to reach the water surface.
2-The hot air vaporizes the water and the steam transfers to the chiller.
3-The steam contacts the chiller net, looses energy and distills in the water supply.
4-The air coming out of the chiller passes the sideway tap and goes back to the pressure cycle and by increasing the moisture of the system, contributes the energy absorption.
5-During night, the black system temperature decreases. Therefore the respiration holes open and cool air circulates in the system to charge it for the next day.
6-At night the hexagonal chiller lids loose heat and contract. This contraction opens the lids and the cool night wind cools the huge ceramic coil, providing the required potential for activation during the day.

•The water attained by this method is free of heavy minerals and desalinates salty water sources. Thus, this system can be used as a desalination plant too.

Desert Hydrocycle System

copy_0_water02.jpg Water Attainment System in Desert

copy_0_water03.jpg Schematic View of the System