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designer's own words:

Banks used to have a personal relationship with their customers. You’d go to the bank often enough that the teller would know you by name and could talk personally about your finances. Flash forward to today and I can’t even remember the last time I went to the bank. People are disconnected and frankly uninformed about finances.

We used to think that the phone would be the ultimate solution to this problem, but now armed, or more accurately, burdened with 500 apps on a phone we can’t find what we’re looking for anymore. With new services like Simple, banks aren’t competitive in the digital economy.

What if your wallet wasn’t just a place to store cash or cards? What if your financial needs could be met by something that was always with you? What if your bank grew with you as you aged and passed on your legacy to the next generation? Our concept, the Deutsche Bank Smart Wallet, is a device with the knowledge of a financial institution in your pocket that uses contextual feedback to help guide your finances from childhood through retirement.

The Deutsche Bank Smart Wallet. Bringing the bank home again.

Regina is a young 15 year old who absolutely needs a bike RIGHT NOW. Instead of buying her a bike, her parents want to instill a sense of financial responsibility and planning so they giver her a Deutsche wallet. With the goal of buying a new bike, Regina’s wallet let’s her know about different opportunities to earn and save money to reach her goal. As she puts the revenue from her lemonade stand in her wallet she can see the progress she is making towards her goal in real time.
Deutsche Smart Wallet
What if your wallet learns and grows with you? We know about Regina from a young age and now, a 20 year old Regina has upgraded from her classic Schwinn to a trendy hatchback with bike rack. When she needs to fill up, her wallet recognizes that she is at the gas station and uses her past gas station visits and recommended budgets to inform her of how much she should spend on gas right now. She doesn’t overspend, keeps more money in her account and won’t be surprised when she gets her bill.

Deutsche Smart Wallet
What if your bank cares about your career success? After graduating, Regina is looking for the right job in the right location to meet her financial needs. Her wallet is there again as her financial advisor. It lets her know what potential salaries could meet her budgets, but also recommends what kind of work culture she’d be best fit for. Maybe there’s a job within biking distance…
Deutsche Smart Wallet
What if your bank would inspire you to reach higher financial goals? Regina’s wallet and recommends that she start her own bicycle company given her past interest. With the bank’s knowledge of successful businesses in the area, the wallet can provide Regina with the peace of mind that this would be a good business decision. The wallet can wire the loan directly from the bank, help her set up her own IPO and coordinate with other potential business partners.
Deutsche Smart Wallet
What if your bank could have a personal conversation with you, right from the comfort of your own home? As Regina ages, she also is planning for her retirement. She is able to talk with a financial advisor who lets her know where she can retire given her own personal financial status.
Deutsche Smart Wallet
What if you had a more personal connection to your money? Regina, now retired, spends her days biking on the beach. While she no longer owns her own business, she has a strong interest in making sure her family is is well supported. Her own grandaughter is excited about getting a bike of her own and Regina remembers her very first purchase. She transfers some seed money to help start her young granddaughter on the path towards financial success.

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