digital memorial cemetery

digital memorial cemetery by hadas arnon from israel

designer's own words:

If we examine the western cemeteries today we find that the way we perpetuate our dead takes a lot of space and eventually we sit in front of a stone trying to imagine the face and memories of our beloved person.

Nowadays in a digital world, between Facebook, linked in, Twiter and all the other social networks, each person holds a lot of digital data and a digital personal internet profile.

These facts led me to create a digital memorial cemetery.
It is not an actual cemetery but it is a perpetuation place to mourn and remember the dead.
The family and friends of a person who passed away can gather all the digital data they wish on one small memorial stick.
The sticks are gathered in to a memorial archive or library;
a neutral place to come and remember your beloved person,
The scenario of use-
By a quick computer search, you find the location of the requested memorial stick.
The location is indicated by light, you take the stick to a separate memorialization room, there you can watch and listen to all the pictures, movies, songs or any other data. This way you mourn and remember your beloved when he is smiling in good and happy moments, it is a way to heal and cope with the loss in a positive point of view.

The design of the memory stick and its stand creates the visual link between the traditional cemetery and the new future digital ones, furthermore the place of mourning remains public and neutral.

The digital memorial memorial cemeteryThe digital memorial stand, pick the data of your memorial cemeteryThe memorial sticks, each one contains the digital data of your memorial cemeteryThe scenario of use.