digital remains

digital remains by alejandro londoño from spain

designer's own words:

My proposal its about digital remains.
Today our digital activity its an important part of our lifes, social networks acounts, our own sites to express ourselves, our work, or just our thoughts about things...
When someone died, whats happen with the deceaseds digital activity? Why is important to take care of the digital remains?
It could be inappropiate, and painful to keep the deceaseds internet activity. And its our ecological responsability to clean it (Today, the cloud consumes the 5% of the worlds total energy).

So... Why not provide digital-funerary services?
It could be painfull to deal with all the deceaseds digital stuff... social network profiles...
Why not centralize this kind of services?
Its also an opportunity to process all the digital data into deceaseds memories. Acommemorative document about the loved persons life. It cold be digital or a phiyical remember.

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