Dimensional Doors

Dimensional Doors by scott wilson from usa

designer's own words:

Portals, entryways, and doors have historically been one of the most expressive elements in architecture. Mass production has all but eliminated this art. Through the use of solid surface materials and laminations combined with precision-cutting, on-demand technologies (CNC, water-jet, etc. )Corian can offer this personalized experience to dwellers once again. Whether consumers choose from commissioned art ranging from classical to street art, or create a visual story of their own the possibilities are endless. Home owner associations beware.

Dimensinal doors utilize Corian in its flat sheet state. The custom specified laminations are selectively removed per specified artwork toe reveal color and depth. This relatively simple fabrication aligns with Corian's core business but offers a visually impactful new opportunity for consumers.

CNC Laminated Corian door with embedded LEDs

corian_threesome.jpg Commissioned artists or DIY options