dinner theatre

dinner theatre by kimberly hu from uk

designer's own words:

dinner theatre challenges existing notions of dining etiquette, rituals and eating behaviour through the creation of interactive and edible tableware.

Eating has gone from need to desire. Food has achieved elevated status and become not only a cultural obsession but also an alternative art form. Dining habits have evolved beyond the traditions of sitting down at a table; there has been a trend to experiment with the inherent social element of eating.

Most people dine out with certain assumptions of what to eat, what to wear, what to say, how to sit, and what fork to use. There are unsaid rules that pervade all forms of social eating situations. Diverting these rules and playing with them can facilitate a reinterpretation of etiquette, ritual, and eating behaviour in the near future.

The delightful bread lampshade works as a stand alone accompaniment to any meal as well as the perfect partner for a candelicious butter candle. Entirely edible, the lampshade can be made in a variety of breads, from a basic white loaf to sourdough to seeded multigrain. The heat from the bulb keeps the bread warm and aromatic and emanates a soft glowing light.

The candelicious butter block candle works as an accompaniment to delightful bread lampshade. Made entirely of pure butter, the flaming wick burns the butter at a steady pace whilst adding drama and atmosphere to the tablescape.

The flavourbowl is a versatile main course and eliminates the need for serving plates or bowls. Made entirely of steamed rice, it can be filled with anything that goes with it. The mixture of rices can be varied, but half of the mixture should consist of sticky rice for best results.

The chocomat is the grand finale of the meal. Made of rich chocolate, the delicate laced texture of the chocolate cookie paired with fresh whipped cream will delight the senses.