diy urn

diy urn by Paolo Cardini from qatar

designer's own words:

Objects and artifacts created specifically for containing remains are invasive and often extraneous to the home environment. To make them warm and intimate we need to add a sense of “daily stuff”. Furthermore urns are always impersonal and they hardly move feelings and a proper memento of life. New technologies and digital fabrication could provide all the tools for the creation of a personal transitional object. Thousand of people have already uploaded on-line 3d scans of their head or body, doing that with kinect technology or simple mobile apps. In addition to it the desktop 3d printers sector is growing fast and the prices are totally affordable for everyone. In the next future probably, for different reasons - from security controls to gadgets creations, everyone will have his own face scanned and uploaded on line and everyone will be printing little plastic objects or at least will be using on-line 3d printing services. Within that scenario existing jars together with 3d printed caps can be the perfect familiar and romantic way to feel everyday the friendly presence of our loved, avoiding the austerity and coldness of the traditional urns.

Fig 1diy urnFig 2_ Processdiy urnFig 3_ Processdiy urnFig 4