doors of secrets; capsule door, drawer door & shuffle play door

doors of secrets; capsule door, drawer door & shuffle play door by M Wessels Boer from netherlands

designer's own words:

In furniture I love mysterious doors and drawers which lead to secret storage spaces. In old doors there are so many details, it looks like you could open some parts. I also like very much that a door connects and locks two spaces, I played with that aspect in different doors.
The CAPSULE-DOOR is inferred from the heavy church doors with big metal pins. These pins however are capsules which you can take out and inside you can store things. If you leave a capsule out, a hole remains to spy through. At the same time the purple Perspex will reflect the light falling in.
The DRAWER-DOOR looks normal while closed. Once open, it reveals all the drawers.
The SHUFFLE-PLAY-DOOR is like the game; you can shuffle all squares and enter the spaces behind. You can move them on the backside as well, and have a window if a space is opened on both sides. The handle of the door is hidden in one of the spaces. The inside of the secret spaces are covered with deep red felt, to make them look even deeper.


drawerdoor.jpg drawer-door

shuffleplaydoor.jpg shuffle-play-door