double motion

double motion by takeshi miyakawa from usa

designer's own words:

This is an installation composed of 17 pieces of mirror which are suspended by metal rods in various heights to create a forest of mirror with a light projection at the center. Some of the metal rods are connected to slow turning motors to rotate reflection of light coming out from inside of the forest. Some of the mirror pieces are half mirror so that some reflected light would go through a few layers of mirrors to cast various shades of light and images. A light source can be a light bulb, laser beams or a video projection. A video camera can be set in a room to shoot visitors' faces and motion of people walking around and it will be projected from inside of the installation thus fragments of those images would be seen on the walls in the room. This projection would create a very theatrical atmosphere and it might feel like you are inside an old Japanese lantern called "Soumatou" which is made of a cylindrical paper with figures and animals cut out to show a simple and primitive motion picture with a candle light inside. It is a poetic sculpture of light.

Materials: Acrylic mirror 4-7mm thick, Steel tubes OD 8-12mm, Various speed electric motors 8-12 volt, Platform for the installation should be constructed out of 10mm thick plywood with pine frames: 40mm x 100mm. Platform size: 2.5 x 2.5 M The height of installation: 2.5 M

sketch double motion model photo 1 [jwplayer config=”mplayer” width=”818px” height=”600px” file=”″] video

double motion model photo 2 double motion model photo 3 double motion model photo 4 double motion process