dream bed 02

dream bed 02 by paulo corceiro from portugal

designer's own words:

"dream bed 02" is a fundamental object in pool, spa or gym scenarios. furniture made of PVC, with boring and trivialized shapes is spread throughout the planet. this object proposes new ways, more bold and contemporary, seeking to satisfy the most demanding customers and seeking economic alternatives but innovative.
"dream bed 02" is built in 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) colored with various shades and bright finish. Contains wheels that allow its effective and practical use, the opening on the opposite side functions as handle. As can be seen in one of the pictures, the design in addition to performing the main function, it also serves for storage of towels, books, drinks or anything else in the usual scenarios where it is used. expected is a relatively low cost of production, since the raw material chosen is commercially available at a low price and the number of parts to assemble is only sixteen.