Droop by cristian polanco polanco from guatemala

designer's own words:

In order to generate an ecological solution I was inspired by the organic shapes of plants. Simultaneously the formal and functional aspects are influenced not only by beauty and simplicity of nature but by the modern and minimalistic design movement.
Droop is made of Thermoplastic Composite Materials. These new material are tougher, lighter, stiffer, and have an infinite shelf life and can be recycled they are suited to a highly demanding environment.
Droop isn’t just a simple rack is an sculpture piece of art in the streets, to get more impact into the city Droop has an especial cover paint that is fluorescent at the night.
Droop offers multiple points of contact around the bicycle. This unique organic shape form provides increased stability and multiple locking possibilities. The geometry accommodates bicycles of all sizes, providing adequate space for handlebars, pedals and seats.