dual bicycle rack system

dual bicycle rack system by seong il lee from korea

designer's own words:

The strong point of this bicycle stands can sustain the bicycle of various tire sizes, and sustain the bicycle by both sides. And, the stands are designed to be landed, and it has the strong point to have wider space where people go around when the bicycle is not sustained.
And, to manage this thing efficiently, the electronic management equipment is installed together. This electronic equipment puts the automatic report that is made to regional surveillance equipment when the common electronic latch in the bicycle stands is forcibly damaged. And, this electronic latch can be cancelled by which the user registers his identity and bicycle directly to electronic equipment with RFID card or digital method, and it can be instinctive and systematically managed and used.
The bicycle can be sustained on the stands before opening the cover behind stands and pressing down the button by foot so you can press down the bicycle tire. Then, by pressing the bicycle stands behind the bicycle tire it raises up to tire, and adjusts the stands with stand handle to the bicycle tire size before pressing the small bottom pedal so it could be completely fixed. Then, it is composed by the automatic latch functioned with electronic equipment.


copy_7_2_3.jpg front wheels

copy_1587_3.jpg rear wheels