e_turbine by Pedro Gomes from portugal

designer's own words:

E.turbine is a project that looks out for a sustainable near future. The concept besides of innovator it preview a direct integration on the present infrastructures what makes of it an attractive and viable solution of energy generation. E.turbine is a design and engineering project with two main components, the generator and the battery module. The E.turbine generator is a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWTs), allowing the possibility to work with wind energy from any direction. Also and within the application context, this type of turbine was chosen since the circular sequence of blades allows visual separation of lanes without any other structure, contributing to highway safety conditions avoing motorists shaining. The energy of wind and air movement caused by cars is captured by the turbine blades, where is transformed in mechanical energy. Its axis is directly connected to a gear box unit and an induction generator where it converts mechanical energy to electrical energy in an Alternating Current regime with a variable frequency which makes it impossible to connect directly to the electrical grid. Therefore, the conversion to Direct Current and battery storage where is managed according to electrical necessities of highways infrastructures (lightning, information panels, emergency phones, etc).


copy_1612_2.jpg e_turbine02

copy_1374_3.jpg e_turbine03