eden door

eden door by roman vrtiska from czech republic

designer's own words:

DOOR TO PARADISE, animal door project
“…I like my pet’s darlings very much, but it makes me angry, when they always want to go in or out of my room. You know the situation? You need to do some work and you can only hear terrible sounds what the dogs are making. And these cats! They are much worser. Everyone needs sometimes a little bit privacy, doesn’t he? I really like my pets very much, but what is enough is enough… “
This concept is based on the idea of integration a hole right into the doors. The easy small locks inside give the chance to leave it open or close permanently. These locks get stuck together after the full opening. It lets the little pet’s door open.
The hole radius (180mm) is designed for small or medium pets. Let’s live in paradise…”

conception of project

animal.jpg description of project