edward by carnovsky = silvia quintanilla + francesco rugi carnovsky = silvia quintanilla + francesco rugi from italy

designer's own words:

Edward is a cutlery set to “wear” as jewelry. The idea is to propose a new kind of cutlery that, more than being held in the hands, becomes a prolongation of our fingers itself.
A new type of cutlery that as a consequence may bring to a new way of eating, understanding and relating with the food: more physical, more sensorial, more emotional…
The stainless steel set is composed by nine elements: fork, spoon, knife, meat knife, spread slice, spitful, grater, and also a thimble and a thumb thimble that are useful to hold things.
The small dimension of the elements makes Edward appropriate, not only as a set for the table, but also as a pocket travel set.

edward eatinghands

copy_0_edward_2.jpg edward cuttinghands

copy_0_edward_3.jpg edward family