Element by Francesco Meneghello from italy

designer's own words:

During the project we wanted create an alternative form, respect of a classic conventional handle.
We made a market investigation analyzing the current handles in production and we wanted to impress our idea about simples and attractive lines.
This handle born by a concept of minimalist geometric forms: it's compose by a main body coated by a complementary.

Form and materials
In formal analysis the profile has theorical defined by balanced proportion that establish elementary form and warrant a good ergonomic.
Wood-alluminum contrast (with a possibility of choose a variety of essence) enhances a nice esthetic.

The metallic components are welded in the inferior part where is situated a structural shelf ableincrease the resistance to various solicitation. The complementary is simply paste on the superior platform.


element_rendering1.jpg Rendering1

element_rendering2.jpg Rendering2

element_explose.jpg Explose set

element_technical.jpg Technical drawing

element_leftright.jpg Left-right version