energy lock

energy lock by youngsuk kim from korea

designer's own words:

People think it is annoying to plug in and out the home electronics, which is why they leave those appliances plugged. As a result, most home electronics consume the stand-by energy, which refers to the power consumed by electronic products even when they are turned off. Photocopiers and video recorders are estimated to waste 80% of energy consumption with the stand-by power.
ENERGY LOCK" is a timer style multi tap that put and turn a plug to the right to use electric appliancets. unlike general melti-tap that use always in putting a plug into the socket.
The LED Lamp of "ENERGY LOCK" helps as can know that unnecessary electric power is consumed in night.It can prevent that unnecessary electric power is consumed according to your convenience when you forget to turn off TV or Lamp. while you are asleep. "ENERGY LOCK" play an important part of intermediate to economize unnecessary standby electric power like that be on the lock.
Plugs that get insert to concent mean that can open lock be on the lock. Also it means that is the most important point for economy energy.