Finger Dip

Finger Dip by eleonora barbareschi from italy

designer's own words:

The act of eating and its nature are one of man’s a prime needs. Our hands, sensually evoking a wild return to our origins, are the best instruments for feeding ourselves leading to the satisfaction of our animal impulses.

Therefore, no more cutleries, no more tablecloths! No more formality or cultural distinctions in the approach to food. In a society where everything is frenetic and sometimes hypocrite, it can be luxurious to allow our souls to listen once again to our most distant instincts, it is a privilege that only few of us can allow.

Finger-Dip is a provocation, an invitation for users to stop and reflect, a way to use technology and man’s intelligence in the objective of giving value to a gesture which has now a days become symbol of sophistication and style other than a necessity. Eating is a pleasure, and it becomes even more satisfying when doing it with our hands!

Finger-Dip is hygienic, for single-use and fun! It is ideal when traveling, when the lunch is quick and simple, and when there is no chance of washing our hands and there are no utensils around.