firo by andrea sosinski (nimtschke) from germany

designer's own words:

"firo" is a multifunctional set which allows to eat hot food directly out of the hands without being burned. the porcelain vessel within the food is cooked in the oven acts as well as eating pod. the multifunctional cutlery is spoon, fork and handle the same time. it clips into the sides of the hot bowl and helps to carry it into a suitable heat proof jacket. perfect to use for a party (inside or garden), a fair or vernissage where usually chairs and tables are rare and there is a need to eat in a flexible standing position. if you want to drink or say hello by handshake you easily clip the "spork" into the vessel and get one hand free.

eating hot food without burning your hands

copy_0_firo_02.jpg handle

copy_0_firo_03.jpg click