flexi bowl

flexi bowl by ki narm kil tuminater from korea

designer's own words:

Every vessels have their own shape that couldn't be changed into another one from the begining.

But, Flexi-Bowl could be possible to change the shape from a plate into a dish or a bowl
by pushing the center of the plate. Just push the center again If you want to make it return to original form.

Silicon which has a outstanding flexibility, hygienic and never be changed the nature even in
a high temperature over 300 centigrade play an important role to complete this Flexi-Bowl perfectly.

The flat form and the aluminium frame makes the loading space more efficient to carry much relatively.

The Flexi-Bowl would makes your life more comfortable by easy & simple cleansing instead of bothersome dishwashing after meal.

much storing

flexibowl_02.jpg change the form fit into each use

flexibowl_03.jpg how to use & material