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flux dishwashing for the new generation

flux dishwashing for the new generation by jakob bignert from sweden

designer's own words:

Description of FLUX - Dishwasher for a new paradigm.

Design process layout in short: -Research with consumer focus. -Ideation. -Evaluation with user testing. -Final design

Research conclusions in short:

-Emotional bonding with dishwashers of today is very low. -A social dividing of cooking vs. dishwashing. Dishwashing is seen as a punishment. -Hob and other cooking products is percieved as creative. While dishwashing is a boring routine with little excitement. -Todays dishwashers have a long acces and cycle time, demanding planning for effective use. -Many dishwasher owners find themselves doing “in-between-dishwashing” during the cooking process to save time and have better access to favourite gadgets. -The appliance size is somewhat disturbing, when not in use it is merely a huge volume of trapped precious kitchen space. -The technological heritage is a burden. Same paradigm has been in use for centuries.

List of criteria for next generation of dishwashers:

-Stand alone product for increased emotional bonding. -Instant access to dishwashing functionality for better user experience. -Encourage FLOW properties. Smaller loads, quicker cycles. -Spark innovation and technologiccal development in industry.

Commentary to final design proposal:

FLUX is: -Front loaded bench-top appliance for domestic use. -A visible process for increased user experience. -Suggests a new technological approach to the actual process. -Capable of dishwashing a two person dinner set in one load.

Commentary to index pictures in slide #2:

1 & 2: Sprinkler innovation. The rotating spoke is replaced by an oscilliating sprinkler system supported by an integrated pipe system. Heated water under pressure is showered on the utensils.

3: Cuttlery trays are removable and acts as an extension of the brand.

4: A front mounted display stimulates short cycles time via a timeer function. For more precise water management due to environmental concern.

5: Integrated detergent dispenser and anti-stain fluids at the back.

6: Main tray slides out in bench-top hight thus enabling an ergonomical unloading procedure.

7: Units for heating, pressurizing, hoses and drain water is at the back giving suitable stability to appliance for bench top placement.

Form innovation:

-FLUX offers a new interface and user experience thus improving the holistic form. -Physical form is eyecatching and has decorative properties compared to todays white, hidden boxes. -Lights, transparency and visibility over process is reflected in the overall appearance. -Anodized aluminum in main cover to emphasize shift from “plastic” whitegoods to a compelling consumer electronics status.

FLUX – Dishwashing functionality where you need it, when you need it!

flux in context

designboom_2_1_copy.jpg flux innovation in technology

designboom_3_1_copy.jpg flux holostiv form innovation

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