flying rubbish

flying rubbish by holger beisitzer from germany

designer's own words:

Flying rubbish
A strange kind of cleanliness and tidiness are the rules of society everyone has to obey. That’s why it is difficult for us to recognise the different possibilities of reuse that lay in used products or waste.
Imagination is needed for an intelligent reuse of “rubbish”. Just by a new interpretation of the product, by a change of context “rubbish” can get a new function in the world of efficiency and become useful again. This kind of imagination is easier for children. For them there is also beauty in the rubbish. They discover easily alternative ways to use objects of daily life.
So the aim is to combine the world of efficiency and the world of miracle! But is it possible to overlay the disgust and repulsion of waste with the joy and fun of the world of the children?
Weimar, Germany, December 2004:
I sold rubbish bags filled with helium to the people visting the Christmas market. The “balloons” are a strange happening and afterwards helpful to carry the waste and garbage.
Even so the bags were clean and not used it was difficult for adults to accept the new “prefunction”.


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