freebird by leon zhu from china

designer's own words:

With the popularization of Cloud Computing, to create a brand-new user experience instead of the simple pursuit for hardware performance will be the most challenging task in designing the next generation of NoteBook.
1. Supernatural Human-computer Interface
On the basis of traditional user interface, FREEBIRD can let users direct via a voice interface and can even “know” users’ thoughts and emotions through its sensor! With such a communication approach over natural interface similar to “telepathy”, the concept of “What you say is what you get” will leap to “What you think is what you get”. Just as magical Doraemon, FREEBIRD is powerful and intelligent to be able to provide helps for you at any time.
2. Portability and Workability at any Place
When electrified, FREEBIRD will become stiff but a bit elastic due to the Electrorheological (ER) fluid material adopted in its dual display screen and fly up by means of high-speed waving driven by an built-in micro motor; otherwise, it will become as soft as a piece of cloth and thereby can be conveniently folded up to put into a “cocoon”.
3. Cool & Dazzling Appearance
Leave cumbersome laptop cases away and imagine how amazing it would be that FREEBIRD flies with you!
4. Environment-friendliness
The external coating on the display of FREEBIRD can convert the energy of sunlight into electricity for self-supply. In spare time, it will automatically fly to the sunny places to “feed” itself.
FREEBIRD can fly outside to charge by itself, hanging about to collect information in which its user may be interested and even making friends!
On hearing your call, FREEBIRD will immediately recognize your voice and fly back to you.
You can conduct a long-range control to FREEBIRD with “LING”.

freebird flying

freebird2.jpg freebird working

freebird3.jpg it is freebird