gl hybrid urban bench

gl hybrid urban bench by ignacio ciocchini from usa

designer's own words:

The GL hybrid urban bench provides several functions that are needed in most city sidewalks.

1_ Seating: a bench type surface with a back support provides a place to seat and relax.

2_ Table: a second surface provides a place to place things while having lunch or work with a laptop.

3_ Shelter: A canopy provides shelter form the rain and sunlight during summer. The top side of the canopy incorporates solar panels that collect and then store clean energy.

4_ Energy: three free solar powered electrical connections to re-charge laptops, cell phones or any other electronic hand held devices are located on the support columns and are accessible from the seats.

5_Illumination: Solar powered LED illumination located on the underside of the canopy.

The GL hybrid bench provides all these functions with a minimal footprint so it does not congest the sidewalks for pedestrians. It does not pull energy from the grid and produces its own clean energy. This urban product can be manufactured out of recyclable aluminum parts. A combination of aluminum castings, rolled aluminum sheets and tapered aluminum tubes could be used. Some stainless steel, plastic and glass parts might be required also.

gl hybrid urban bench: Perspective view. Energy collection and distribution details.

gl_ic_panel2.jpg gl hybrid urban bench: In use. Seating, seating at table and leaning positions shown. Seat with table and illumination details.

gl_ic_panel3b.jpg gl hybrid urban bench: Side View . In use: Seating, seating at table and leaning positions shown.