Global Authenticity

Global Authenticity by hyunhee hwang from korea

designer's own words:


The situation:
“There is no more sincere love than the love of food”, George Bernard Shaw. Good food has always been a medium of enjoyment and pride that spans across multiple cultures exemplifying their unique identity through taste, a universally understood language. However due to the commercialization of the food industry, authenticity of taste and process has been sacrificed for the standardized tastes of mass consumerism. By finding a way to make good authentic food available to the masses, we believe that it would create an opportunity for people to experience the vast number of unique cultures around them that are just out of reach, as well as benefit local communities financially.

What is it?
We have created a life support packaging system that provides vital nutrients to food produce during their transport, arranged in an intuitive and hassle free format preserving original taste and regional identity for authentic food lovers anywhere.

Benefits to the user:

As region specialized ingredients are hard to find, the consumer is forced to “settle” for substituted ingredients which removes all authenticity from the item. This live packaging enables the shipment of cuisine specific meal kits that contain all the flavor and character of the original recipe with exact instructions on attaining original identity of the taste, while avoiding the large travel cost needed to visit the area.

Fruits and vegetables stay fresh as long as they are still connected to their vine or branch, therefore by emulating this concept; it is possible to maintain absolute freshness. This packaging system is essentially a life support system for the produce, made from naturally engineered grafted organic plant stems providing them with vital nutrients, keeping them alive during travel and to the point of usage by the consumer, ensuring that they receive the freshest product.

Cooking can be a daunting task for the inexperienced, creating anything authentic let alone edible is not something that comes easy to many. The concept emulates a format many kids and possibly adults will understand, with inspiration taken from model kits with plastic tabs. Each food item is attached in a similar fashion to the individual pieces and only requires to be plucked before it is to be used. Even more, the ingredients would be arranged according to their required time of usage in the preparation of the meal making cooking even simpler.

Benefits to the Suppliers:

-Branding of region
Distance limits the unique variety of tastes characteristic of a region from spreading beyond the perishable foods transport barrier. As a result many regions are hidden from sight as only those close to them can experience their food. Our concept seeks to spread the identity of these hidden regions through food, a universally enjoyed medium that would create more interest than any other regional branding strategy.

-Small business opportunity
Encouraging participation of the unique regions through their gastronomic identity would create an opportunity for the individual to get involved. Our concept enables the sharing of individual identity to be shared with the world effectively increasing the targetable consumer base of people looking for good food. Supporting an infrastructure that would benefit the individuals, would have a positive effect on their economy as well as create a sustainable financial opportunity for many to take part in that would be especially helpful in the current economic climate.

-Western market penetration
Traditional Asian food has been known for their health promoting characteristics and today is revered by the Western community. This packaging concept would supply an increasing demand for healthier food options.

Global Authenticity
Global Authenticity