grab me

grab me by natalia baudoin from argentina

designer's own words:

the original idea of this design came directly from the title of the competition «hands on door handles». i designed a door handle where fingers had left marks by grabbing it. thus in the external part it has a mark where the thumb fits perfectly, and in the internal part there are the other four finger's marks.
i wanted to produce an object in which the hands had left a trace of their way of using the object. like the stairs on old churches lose their perfectly orthogonal shape after hundreds of years of people climbing on them.
i also thought that it would be interesting to have an object made of hard material (stainless steel) shaped like it was made of modeling clays giving the impression of a hand shaped object.
in order to find the right shape i used modelling material. i pressed my fingers into it and worked with those prints. this shape allows a very firm and ergonomic grab on the door handle. the shape intuitively guides the hand in position.
all of the mechanical parts measures are according to the standards.


grab_me02.jpg sketches

grab_me03.jpg installed

grab_me04.jpg in use

grab_me05.jpg plans

grab_me06.jpg sections and details