greening star

greening star by juan manuel bustos from argentina

designer's own words:

My building concept tries to solve the 3 most important world problems: energy, pollution and the future of drinkable water. For the energy problem, i decided to use solar panels because the sun is a big energy source and many people is wasting it. Then for the pollution, I came up with the trash pipes idea. I know that europeans are conscient of the importance of recycling, but in my country (and so many others) people is far away from adopting that habit. So what I try to do, is to simplify the process by eliminating the phase in wich people has to go to the recycling centers. Now the trash collectors just have to pick up the bins and empty the trash separately. Finally, for the water problem, I propose to use rain water to do some things that don´t need the use of drinkable water. Such as watercloset drain tanks, washing clothes or washing a car.

GS 1

greening_star_2.jpg GS 2

greening_star_3.jpg GS 3