designer's own words:

Appliances such as DVD players,power adapters, and cell phone chargers consume energy even though the appliance is not in use. For example, 95% of mobile phone charger energy is wasted simply because the charger is plugged into the wall, but not connected to a phone. According to US Department of Energy, 75% of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off. Stand-by energy waste not only increases the electric bill, it also increases the carbon footprint.

The GREEN/OUTLET offers a solution by providing electrical receptacle that works like a push-button switch. The user activates the timer to its minimum setting by connecting an electric device by pushing the protruding electrical receptacle. The GREEN/OUTLET allows the user to set the duration of energy use from touch-screen timer and ejects the plug/charger physically from the outlet at the end of the projected time period. Thus, it provides an energy consumption savings that was not possible with conventional electrical outlets and it reduces the carbon footprint. Consumers in undeveloped countries may also use this product to project energy and money savings as GREEN/OUTLET gives the consumer full control of their energy consumption.

idle mode 1 (before use)

green_outlet2.jpg power mode

green_outlet3.jpg idle mode 2 (after use)