GROW by alexander hoffart from germany

designer's own words:

when you see grow at the first time, you immediately and instinctively should know how to use it. on top it's slightly flattened so you can push it down easily and rest your thumb on the flat band which flows around the door handle. from the front view the flat band looks like a thin stripe and it flows out of a cylinder which is the center of rotation. so every part of grow is formed as it is needed.
grow is manufactured out of brass and has a matt chrome finish. so the lights and the shadows accentuate the shape without reflecting the whole surroundings. the door handle is fully integrated in its environment and should not attract too much attention by itself. this is one reason why it is called grow - because it is grown up. grow doesn't need to be loud. the main goal of grow is to be ergonomic, pleasant, modest and timeless. the door, the handle, the room and everything around it should be seen as a composition.

grow front

02_grow_ahoffart.jpg grow top

03_grow_ahoffart.jpg grow front complete

04_grow_ahoffart.jpg grow perspective 1

05_grow_ahoffart.jpg grow perspective 2

06_grow_ahoffart.jpg grow detail