Growing sound

Growing sound by minho choi from korea

designer's own words:

People living in the fast changing modern world are getting used to noises produced
by machines. So people now miss the sound of nature.

There are some people who may listen to nature, but there are some who may not
listen to nature in their entire life.

Sound of nature is small and tender so not everyone can listen, but if you listen with
attention you may realize that the whisper of nature may give you an internal
realization of all existence.

Sound of nature may bring you peace in you mind, and let you feel composure.

With the concept "A small tree may make a forest", you may make a forest of your
own and listen to nature's whisper.


This speaker consists of a main body, which delivers power and orders, 4 leaf film
speakers and a remote control.

The main body and film speakers are connected with bluetooth and magnets wrapping
film speakers may connect speakers. In a film speaker, there are magnets, diaphragms
and luminous bodies.

The main functions of this speaker are Db Program and RGB color lighting.

dB program collects information of user's mood and status with its sensor and a
suitable dB is automatically selected.

RGB color lighting function lets user select all colors he/she likes using the remote
control and user may present nature of colors.

And 4 leaf film speakers can be purchased as many as user likes.


panalfinal22.jpg Design explanation

panalfinal3.jpg Scene